Mounts Brass Fittings

Handmade character brass mounts

Mount - Acanthus Leaf Decorative Swag

18th Century : Acanthus leaf and 'C' scroll mount with flower swag below.

Mount - Cherub Spandrel

18th Century : Fine raised winged cherub spandrel.

Mount - Corner Spandrel

18th Century : Very fine decorative filigree corner piece with 1 square tang on reverse.

Mount - Curled Fern Leaf

19th Century : Mount woth deeply curled hollow fern design.

Mount - Cushion Moulding - Pierced Foliage

(Note: Measurements are outside max. dimensions unless stated otherwise). 17th Century : Shaped and hollow swag of foliage mount for cushion moulding.

Mount - Decorative - Fern

19th Century : Fern leaf mount shaped to fit curved surface.