Strap with Round Slotted Nut

18th Century : Strap.

(Note: Measurements are outside max. dimensions unless stated otherwise).

18th Century : Strap.

Width 6mm. (1/4")
Total height 36mm. (1 3/8")
(Head 12mm. (7/16") + shaft 12mm. (7/16") + 12mm. (7/16") threaded rod).
Internal diam. of ring 4mm. (3/16")
Shaft at neck : 5mm (3/16") x 5mm (3/16")

Supplied with correct period brass round slotted nut.

If bending back hook, it is recommended that it is softened by annealing. (Heat to cherry red colour, and plunge into cold water).

For suitable backplate if required, see "Backplates" section.