Escutcheon - French - Flanged

18th Century : Flanged thread escutcheon.

(Note: Measurements are outside max. dimensions unless stated otherwise).

18th Century : Flanged thread escutcheon.

Overall height 36mm. (1 3/8")
Width 19mm. (3/4")
Flange rim width (variable) 4mm. (3/16")

Outside insert height 30mm. (1 1/8")
Insert width top 11mm. (3/8")
Insert width base 12mm. (7/16")
Depth insert 7.5mm. (5/16") + flange 2.5mm. (1/8")

Height 26mm. (1")
Diam. of hole 9mm. (5/16")
Width at narrowest part of neck 5mm. (3/16")
Width at base of taper 9mm. (5/16")

Typical of Louis XVI period french furniture.

Usually glued in or could be pinned from inside flange.