Beading - Bobbin Astragal

18th Century : Astragal beading with bobbin design.

(Note: Measurements are outside max. dimensions unless stated otherwise).

18th Century : Astragal beading with bobbin design. 

OPTION : Tick box if soldered lengths required @ £5.00 per length.: (*Please note that lengths over 850mm. (33 1/2") may be subject to additional postage / shipping charges).

Width 6.5mm. (1/4")
Length 230mm. (9 1/8")
Depth 4mm. (3/16")

Hollowed flat reverse.

Note : This is a character casting and may not be perfectly straight, as opposed to extruded, rolled or milled products. It is made by silver soldering short lengths of cast strip together, and there may be small irregularities or bends when long lengths are ordered. The metal is soft enough to be gently straightened by hand and thumb pressure when fitting. (Mallet or vice pressure not recommended).

Note : No holes or fixings supplied with this product. Will require gluing or drilling and pinning or screwing in place.