Architectural Fittings & Interior Design Mounts

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Mount - head of Bacchus

18th Century : Mount. Head of Bacchus. Hollow reverse.

Mount - Ribbon and Flower Swag

19th Century : Ribbon mount with central swag of flowers.

Sash Window Sprung Locking Pin

19th Century : Sash window steel sprung locking pin in brass casing with twist and turn knurled brass knob.

Shutter Bar Catch

19th Century : An ornate featured surface mounted release catch for shutter bars.

Shutter Sprung Pull or Loper

19th Century : Left & Right Hand sprung loper or recessed shutter pulls.

Sprung Loaded Spindle Return

19th Century : Hand-built sprung mechanism for lever handle or knob allows spindle to rotate and return to original position.